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Our childhood memories are filled with a combination of happy and sad events. Each happy memory gave us a reason to cherish them for many years to come and the sad ones gave us an opportunity to reflect on our past mistakes and also, to learn from our previous miscalculations. However, the happy memories are usually the ones that are recalled by us the most. Among many happy events of our life, most are originating from our childhoods. Those were the days of innocence when we had no care of the world around us. Many of the joyful days included waking up on the Independence Day to go to our school. Our parents used to get us dressed in our school uniforms. We used to look so neat and sharp wearing our custom badge to celebrate the occasion with honor.

You might have noticed how public servants especially cops aka policemen wear their metal badges over their uniforms close to their hearts. The primary reason behind doing so is to remind themselves of the oath they took to serve everyone from the general public. It is also a reminder of their duty towards civilians. That badge is earned with sheer handwork and there is a certain respect that comes attached to that title or badge. Badges are such wonderful tools. They are so tiny in size and yet they are able to convey so much in a few words. Sometimes, earning a badge also equates to earning respect. You might have seen that the head boy and head girl of a school are given special badges. They are chosen among hundreds of students after proving their caliber and ability. Customized badges are also worn by staff members at hotels and restaurants. When you become a regular visitor at a restaurant, you can request for a particular attendant to serve you, keeping their previous good service in mind. 


During the time we celebrate festivals, everyone turns into a festive mood and try to make the most out of the day. Whether it is children or grownups, everyone wishes to let their guard down and enjoy themselves to the fullest. What better than some printed badges to add to these celebrations?


A bachelorette can be turned into an extra fun one by getting some cute printed badges for the bridesmaids and an extra special one for the bride herself. They will look super cute in their photos. 

Social Message 

Whenever there is a need to amplify a social message or cause, we take help of art combined with other methods like verbal speeches. Art like posters, graffiti, body painting and printed badges are some of the visual forms of capturing the attention of viewers. A plain badge can be personalized with a thought provoking slogan or message. 


During volunteering events, many volunteers along with other people can be seen with metal badges attached to their clothes. It is a way of identifying themselves as supporters of the event and standing out from the rest of the crowd.

Much more can be done using custom badges, you just need to find out all the occasions on which one can use them.

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