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The corporate culture is relatively new in India, we are still learning and adapting to its ways. Initially, it wasn’t considered customary to include gifts for winning someone over. The times have drastically changed now. The shift is gradual and yet to be observed on a large scale. Many companies purchase welcome kit for employees these days. These kits typically include a welcome note written by the CEO of the organization, some manuals or guidelines booklet, customized items like t-shirts, sweatshirts, pens notebooks, calendars, diaries, pencils, pen drives, sipper bottles, mouse pads, customized bag, business cards, essential items like face masks, etc. The idea behind creating such kits is to make your employees feel at ease. 

Even when we visit a showroom to purchase a new electrical appliance or a vehicle, we are handed a dealer welcome kit with the product upon its purchase. These kits include instruction booklets, welcome note and printed stickers with logo of the brand they are representing. It can be a delightful thing for the new customers. This creates an instant connection and differentiates them from other companies. Companies create new joinee welcome kits with many items that the newly joining employees will be able to use. You can have the following items included in the kit:

Printed Diaries 

Paper diaries are the most frequently used items in an office. Staff members are required to write important stuff every day and what can be more considerate than giving a diary to someone? It can be picked in a design that you find the most attractive. These diaries come in all shapes and sizes. You can pick any design and get it customized the way you like. 

Customized Wall Clocks 

We know time is the most crucial thing for a person involved in business, it leaves no room to argue that nothing can be a better option as a gift than a printed wall clock. You can have it printed with your company’s logo and present it to your clients. Besides wall clocks, people also prefer investing in some table clocks. Some of these clocks are fitted on pencil stands to act as multi-functional items. 

Engraved Pens 

When it comes to choosing a classy and elegant item, our mind automatically thinks about a pen. Undoubtedly, it is the most classic choice for a corporate gift. It is the most practical and accessible item. You can add more to its beauty by getting it engraved for a new employee. There are pens available in various price ranges from cheap ones to luxury pens. You can pick whichever design and color appeals more to you.

Mouse pad 

A mouse pad is essential for people working on a laptop or personal computer using a mouse. It makes it easier to work on a laptop by providing a nice surface for the mouse to move thereby, increasing the efficiency of work. These can be printed with the name of the organization.

There are a variety of items that can be included in a kit to make it appealing. You can purchase them in bulk at minimal prices.

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